Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The tree branches...

My passion branches. There are so many things other than health that make my spirit soar. Like my children. My family. Homeschooling. So I considered starting another blog to focus on all these various passions, but alas, the simplicity of one journal wins out. So here I am! This page will now take on a different form. Less ranting, more passion. more hope. more joy! :)

These past several months have brought a lot of change to our household, and also to my heart. Last November, something clicked in me and I looked at my babies and saw that they are quickly changing into young men. My heart has been filled with joy to overflowing! My spirit has been awakened, and this fruit must be shared. When something overflows, you grab the nearest vessel to use as a catchment. My children are that vessel. They need me. And as long as they are in this nest, I will feed them. I realized how much I had turned away from them. Longing for my personal time. Waiting for them to walk out the door in the morning, heading for school. School was my great babysitter. I would take a deep breath and focus on me. What makes me feel great. But emptiness ensued. A few more quick years and, voila! they would be moved out. After all, it has only been a mere blink to get beyond this "halfway" point.

I NEVER thought I would home school my kids. I had my stereotypes, and my inadequacies. But one day, someone asked me if I would ever consider it. Suddenly it made sense for us. So much has happened since that day. So many things have fallen into place. So much wisdom has been shared and new friendships have formed. I feel more socially connected than I ever have. The home school community is alive and active and full of abundant resources that everyone I have met is more than willing to share.

Full speed ahead! I could write a hundred entries full of the exciting info that I have learned. Clayton (13), is already at home being "un-schooled", and starting this fall, I will have Elliot (9) at home as well. I have mentioned to some friends that it is as though a portal of learning has been opened to me. The furniture in my mind has been rearranged and I am actually seeing in a different way! The goal is to be intentional in every word, every action, every mistake, every day. The whole world is our classroom!!!

It is a challenge. A mountain to climb. And every day I get to a new lookout. A new perspective. The more I pour myself out, the more I am filled. And the more I am filled, the more I have to give. I look at our big table and think it's much too big for just the 4 of us. So God has us praying for those empty seats! (this is a blog entry for another day ;))

In all of this, my faith has been strengthened. God is so generous when we seek him out. He has endless storehouses of goods just waiting to share with those who are willing to ask Him and believe.

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