Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So I am considering having my mercury fillings removed and replaced. I have appointments for my entire family to start seeing a Holistic Dentist who comes highly recommended by a friend who has seen him for many years. I am very excited about this! He has not used amalgam fillings in his office since 1983. The boys have each had a filling, but I am so happy I made the decision several years ago to only have composite fillings used in their mouths. It is worth every extra penny not covered by dental insurance. (Please watch the video on my last posting)

The issues of amalgam/mercury fillings been heavy on my mind lately along with the unnecessary insurgence of fluoride, and the "too many too soon" pushing of vaccines.

There needs to be an uprising against the common use of POISONS in our bodies and our children's bodies. We are so blessed to still have a choice in this matter.

The average human body is not able to detoxify the levels of heavy metals used in these poisonous "helps"(including vaccines), thus causing it to bio-accumulate in our systems where it can remain and fester- wrecking havock on our immune systems as our bodies are forced to be in this endless battle with something it cannot rid itself of. It is my strong belief that our poisoned bodies then manifest their inner toxicities with the widespread ills of chronic fatigue/auto-immune disorders, alzheimers, intestinal issues, thyroid issues, A.D.D, cancer... you name it! This list could go on and on and on... just as the pharmaceutical companies thrill to see it do so.

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  1. Corena,

    I totally agree with you! I've been given a hard time because of some of the choices I've made for my kids (ie. not giving flu shots, vaccines, etc.) But, as long as I can still control the way I raise my kids, then I will continue to listen to my God-given motherly instincts and do what I know is right for them. I've already seen behaviors in my oldest daughter that I'm convinced have something to do with her early vaccinations. When she was born, I wasn't as educated as I am now. I am actually taking her to a naturopathic doctor in a couple weeks and we are going to get to the bottom of this. I love that you have this blog and I will pass it on. Miss you! Love, Tracie