Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well, after 2 hours with my mouth propped wide open and rubber dam in place, I am pleased as punch to say I have one quadrant of my mouth mercury free!!! I had originally thought I could handle having half of my mouth -upper and lower fillings evacuated at once, but I am so happy I decided to "bite off" a smaller chunk per visit.

It is an interesting procedure. They use some special vacuums to catch the toxic vapors as they drill the old fillings out.

I wish I had a before and after photo of the teeth. I am not doing this for cosmetic reasons, and hadn't even thought about the visual outcome, but they look so beautiful!!! You can't even see the new fillings. I am very impressed with Dr. Xu's work. (Dr. Xu is pronounced shoe,- it would be cool if it were pronounced chew!)

They gave me a blanket and some headphones and a remote to the t.v. suspended from the ceiling so I was able to watch the food network while they worked on my teeth. This made the time go much easier and faster.

Clayton just looked over my shoulder and said "who wants to know about that stuff?" haha! I suppose he has a point, but in case someone is interested, this is how it went! :D

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